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You are probably familiar with the importance of designing a proper company logo. Your logo is a symbol of your company. It helps customers identify your brand and often serves as the “face” of the company. As marketing evolves to meet the needs of changing technology and consumer habits, logos must evolve as well.



Many companies who choose to use video content, are opting for animated logos as opposed to static logos. If your company is going to invest time and money in video content, then you might as well go the extra mile and opt for an animated logo. Let’s find out what profit an animated logo can bring to a brand and where it can be applied.


While businesses benefit from the fact that people are consuming more and more online content, they may struggle to hold the attention of potential customers. The first impression has a great impact on how people see a product. It takes only a few seconds for us to decide whether we like something or not. Since a logo is the first representative of a brand it needs to make a nice first impression on potential clients. An original animated logo is a good way to surprise people and increase the chances that they will remember your brand. A positive first impression helps to attract users’ interest.



Increase Brand Awareness

One of the most important functions of a logo is to create and promote brand awareness. This is one of the main reasons why companies choose to invest in an animated logo. Experts say that dynamic images, as well as video content, are comprehended better than static which means they are easy to remember. A powerful animated logo connects with potential clients and draws their attention effectively. Some animations can last up to 10 seconds which increases the chances of memorizing compared to a short glance at a static image.



Better Storytelling

An animated logo can help contribute to your brand’s overall narrative as well as become a fluid piece of the storytelling process in video content. The narrative created in video content is a powerful tool for making emotional connections with consumers. Video content can easily set an emotional connection with viewers. In addition, videos can be shared across the web which means more people can see a logo.



Investing in video content as well as an animated logo could mean the difference between mediocre sales and a banner year. With this in mind, the choice seems clear.

So, if you are ready to take your brand to the next level with logo animation, let us know we will definitely help you out.

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